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"We’ve loved every minute of our journey."

 Woodard Family BBQ & Grill


Thanks to their family's help and support, this Southern eatery is quickly gaining recognition for serving the most delicious soul food around!

Driven by a passion for cooking and the joy of seeing people savor his food, Stephen & Jessica Woodard launched their own catering business           by buying a mobile food unit. Elite Catering            Services was thus established! As they                    perfected their skills over the years, they           determined to open a brick-and-mortar                       establishment, one located near home                     where their supporters were.


                    Broadway, NC became the place                      they chose, and after five years of                      triumphant catering events and I                     numerable queries about when they                        would launch a restaurant, the                            Woodard Family stepped out on faith and founded........

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